You only have one life—use it well!

Is the life you are living now the one you want to be living? Or, do you, like most of us, have bigger dreams, want more satisfying relationships, strive to be competitively effective at work?

Sometimes the prescribed ladder of success actually robs us of what is vital and meaningful in life.

Many people, like you, want more out of life; they want to be successful and have great relationships, engaging hobbies, financial security, and free time to take a vacation. “And” is a very important word in life. These successful people don’t take work home at night. They don’t take unsolved problems from home to work in the morning, and they have lives that completely support their own structure of what is success.

No one does life alone. It doesn’t have to be hard—but it can be smart.

Talk to any successful person and they will tell you that they have always had a trusted, experienced champion in their corner who helps them accomplish their dreams in practical ways so they can enjoy the journey of their life. With solid credentials and over 20 years of experience dedicated to helping people achieve goals, I will guide you and challenge you with compassion as you keep stretching for the life you want to create.
It is possible to create success on your own terms. Every day you wait for the right time is one more day in a life that is not fully satisfying.

Call me today. Let’s find out if you’re ready for me to be your champion, your coach.

Mary Olk, Ph.D.
Personal and Professional Development Coach
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